Friday Night Rock Show - Faversham DJ of Rock

I am The DJ of Rock!

I'm sure I was born out of a Marshall Amp and my Mum & Dad are Fender & Gibson guitars ....🤘🏾

I was raised on Rock, Head banging to Iron Maiden, Anthrax and Metallica and the soul of my shoes are made by Jimmy Hendrix, Deep Purple and Clapton.

I've played in Metal bands over the years, A lot of great memories. 

The Friday Night Rock Show is a interactive "LIVE SHOW", connecting you to the music from Classic Metal, Hair Metal to Thrash and new breaking bands of today with all the crazy fun and sense of humour and bad impressions. 😆

A world without Rock music is a  dull place.  

So tune in, turn it up loud and blow your speakers!

And remember Rock & Roll ain't noise pollution. 🤘🏾

Faversham DJ of Rock.