Infinity Mix With JON.G:/BUN - Jonathan Goodbun

Well thanks for popping by, The Infinity Mix is broadcast 2pm - 4pm on Thurdays and covers Dance & House Music from 80's, 90's,00's and NOW!

I grew up in Ospringe, Faversham, Son to Margaret & Christopher, Brother to Lindsey, Grandson to Vera Saunders & Sheila Goodbun  (They'd be so proud of me, even more so!) and Husband to Melissa. 

I attended Ospringe C of E Primary and then the Abbey School where in the latter part of my education

(6TH Form '97) I choose, Media Studies & Music GCSE. 

I had a keen understanding of media and the two main studies where TV Production & Radio Production. 

I very much enjoyed getting hands on with the equipment, using Video Cameras & Video Editing Suite (VHS Tape) and the tiny broom cupboard for the Schools Radio studio using a Real-to-Real recorder and CD's Mic's and Mixing Desk.


With the class I went to visit Invicta FM in Whitstable and had a tour around the Offices, production suites and the 2 studios.

The main afternoon show wasn't live from there at the time and was being feed from the Studios in London, so we had a demonstration of the equipment, hearing the Jingles and Beds (Background music) was really inspiring and next time I'd listen into the station I knew exactly what was going on behind the mic!

So with that inspireration for my main Christmas present that year I got a Tascam 4-Track recorder which I used to record my compostitons on my Yamaha keyboard and created an Album called "Obelisk" under my Aritst name JON.G:/BUN (Available onSoundcloud click here)

I then went on to record A demo Radio Show for my Media Studies Production Project of my own Radio Station called "FABFAV FM" (Faversham Area Broadcasting) and the Show "Dance Mix Mid-Weekender" which would be scheduled for a Wednesday Mid Evening slot. (Available on Soundcloud click here).

After 6th Form school I went to Canterbury College to study Music Technology Production in '99 & 2000, using Apple Mac's with music sequencing software Cubase connected to a Korg Synth and the well equipt Recording Studio.

I made friends with Charles Carter and together we create "TriTech DJing"  a mobile DJ outfit with CD & Vinyl Decks and professional lighting rig, we covered Party Music hire for Mid & North Kent.

The Infinity Mix is so called because on all my CD's I owned has a label with my logo on it to identify that it was my CD when playing in the Pubs, Clubs and Venues in Maidstone with Charles.

So it was inevitable that later on with better technology and easy to setup and to use computer programs to stream over the internet I find myself as one of the co-founders of Creek FM after a simple post that I happened to come across on Facebook by Dean Ramsden. Cheers Dean!

Also my thanks goes to Terry Shea with whom I wouldn't be where I am now, The Pub meeting where fun, talking about it wasn't getting us far and Terry was the key to the start of a new Future Media - CREEK FM!

So thanks for listening this has been me Jonathan Goodbun, a.k.a Producer Jon, a.k.a JON.G:/BUN.

Thanks for Turning ON...... Chooning IN...... Creek's OUT!