J-Birds - Julie Flanagan

Julie is a bit of a late starter. She began her career in planning in West Wales and all was going swimmingly until she decided to sell up and go on an adventure.

Three years later, having worked in a hospital cleaner in Holland, as a furniture restorer in Australia and a bar manager in Gibralter, where she met her husband Gabby (they bonded over a chicken curry) she settled in Manchester (as much as she ever settles). Since then she has worked in housing, higher education, adult education, advertising, social services and urban regeneration but she proves that its never too late.

And she has lived in London, Sandgate and the Wirral. But the place she has lived the longest, and the place she's recently come home to is Faversham.

She is a bit of a performer too and recently appeared in several productions by the Really Promising Company in which her singing was severly tested, most recently in the Canterbury Belles at the Marlow Studio. She loves performing comedy with a treasured highlght, performing Fleshcreep in an Arden production of Jack and the Beanstalk!

As far as musical tastes go, Julies first gig was in 1969 to see T-Rex in Liverpool - she fell instantly in love with Marc Bolan (who didn't).  She loves Iggy Pop, the Eagles of Death Metal, Enrico Caruso, Audioslave, Public Enemy, LCD Sound System, the B52's and Wham.
​She Met Jenny at a Creek FM's planning meeting and the rest is history!

Jenny Reeves

Jenny has loved music all her life, like most of us despite early lessons on the recorder she knew that squeaky noise could be so much more.  So she taught herself to read music and play the keyboard moving onto the piano at secondary school.

All this while radio gave me the soundtrack of my youth, a mix of all genres everything from classical to stadium rock gave me inspiration and entertainment, in the age of the birth of MTV, radio was still portable and more reliable then the Walkman that went everywhere with its Super-Bass setting constantly set to on.

In my student years radio provided an added bonus, you didn't need a TV license so it became the source of everything from news to entertainment and company.

Then Brit pop came along a new sound and a lifestyle that came with it that took the country by storm, and yes regarded as the music for my generation!

I am actually registered deaf, but I can still enjoy music, the beat and tempo isn't lost and I think without music the world would be a very sad place indeed, it brings us all together.

So how did I come to Creek FM?

I love voluntary work in the community, I've done everything from PTFA (Parent Governorship to Girl Guiding) and when I turned 40 my best friend set me a challenge 'Do Something That Scares You' so I put my volunteer form in, and yes I was scared.

But I met the team and they are great, I was paired with Julie who thankfully knew what she was doing and the J-Birds was born.